Mr and Mrs Dorm Survival Kit

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  • Get an “A” in survival with the Dorm Survival Kit by Ms. & Mrs., the most budget-friendly kit for the college-bound. The kit comes in a unisex black mesh tote and contains 12 collegiate must-haves. From studying to sleeping, laundry to first aid, this kit will help college students sur­vive minor dormitory disasters. Makes the perfect grad gift or care package.

    Includes: sleep mask, ear plugs, book light, caffeine gum, laundry bag with laundry instructions, mending kit, first aid kit, thermometer, screwdriver, air freshener, and reusable poster adhesive.
  • They're off to college. THEY'RE OFF TO COLLEGE!! How will you live without them?! OK so it's not like they are leaving YOUR nest. But they are leaving A NEST! Oh Auntie, you'll survive. As will they. With this functional dorm survival kit!

    Whew that was a close call. Speaking of calling...go ahead Auntie, give that college kid a call.