Beyblade Extreme Top System IR Spin Control Galaxy Pegasus Set

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  • Get ready to LET IT RIP! Out-spin opponents with this fully-loaded IR SPIN CONTROL launcher and dominate your next BEYSTADIUM showdown (additional tops and BEYSTADIUM sold separately). Your launcher features battery-powered controls that allow you to manage your top in battle - from speed and direction to the legendary STARBOOSTER ATTACK and battle calls! Comes with top, IR Spin Launcher with IR control, ripcord, instructions and online battle code. X-100 IR SPIN CONTROL GALAXY PEGASUS Controller requires 3 "AAA" batteries (not included). Top includes 3 button cell batteries. Ages 8 and up.
  • Get your nephew (or niece) one of the hottest toys for 2011! Beyblade tournaments are played nationwide and on!

    If you enter the code found in each specially marked BEYBLADE EXTREME TOP SYSTEM package at you can unlock online competition against other Beybladers. Cool.