Weebles Turn ‘N Tumble Home Playset

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  • Wobblin’ mom and wobblin’ dad Havin’ the most fun they’ve ever had! They tumble and spin in their special way. This home is their favorite place to play!

    Watch your child laugh, play and learn with this TURN ’N TUMBLE HOME playset for WEEBLES figures! They don’t fall down, but WEEBLES figures do almost everything else in their home: spin, drop, ride in a car and slide. Fun music plays while your child plays! Your child’s fine motor skills and imagination will develop along with the adventures he or she creates for the WEEBLES characters!

    Playset comes with 2 WEEBLES figures, car and instructions.

    Includes 2 "AA" batteries.

    Ages 12 months and up.
  • Weebles Wobbles but the don't fall down! Oh how we all loved Weebles as wee ones and now our little wee nieces and nephews can enjoy them too!