Moshi Monsters 3-Pack Figures

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  • Moshi Monsters love collecting Moshlings! And now you can bring home Moshlings of your own with a Moshi Monsters 3 pack. Inside you'll discover 3 cute Moshlings and 1 secret code! The next time you log online, use the code to retrieve 1 special item for your Moshi Monster. It's the perfect mystery gift for your Monster! Please note colors and styles vary. Three moshi monsters are selected at random at time of shipment.

    The Moshi Monsters 3-Pack Figures includes:

        3 Moshling Figures
        1 Code for 1 Special Item
        Bonus 3 Day Premium Trial Membership

    Moshi Monsters was launched in April 2008 by the media company Mind Candy as a social networking online game targeted at kids aged 7 to 12. Players adopt and care for a pet Moshi Monster, and by playing games and educational puzzles earn in-game currency called Rox, which can be used to buy items such as food and furniture. Rox can also be used to buy special seeds that when grown in the right combination attract moshlings; cute little characters that your monster can collect. Monster owners can make friends with other owners and leave messages on their pages (monitored and filtered for safety). New locations and things to do are always being added to Monstro City.
  • The latest craze! Moshi Monsters!