Perplexus - Epic

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  • Hold everything, all you familiar with Perplexus! You've mastered the Original, but - can you conquer new Perplexus Epic?

    125 barriers to your success give you a spectacularly solid challenge. Perplexus Epic will leave you sweating at the finish!

    Gnarly new twists and turns, intricate ins and outs, mind-straining mental stimulus...

    Strategically guide the metal ball to the finish and your hand-eye coordination and thirst for a maze challenge will never be the same. It's called Perplexus EPIC for a reason!

    New Perplexus Epic is 8.5 impressive inches in diameter. Layer upon layer of detailed maze structures for long-lasting 3D puzzle fun. Family and friends will gather around to spectate and position themselves for an opportunity to edge their way in for a turn with Perplexus Epic.

    Set the ball rolling, start your brainwork, there are no breaks until you've acquired more mental persistence than you've imagined possible.

    Perplexus Epic 3D Puzzle Challenge!
    Flip, twist and turn the puzzle sphere to solve the puzzle
    Easy to play - much more challenging to complete
    Improves hand-eye coordination and spatial relations
    Develops motor and dexterity skills
    Great for travel - no loose pieces
    Lasting fun for a wide range of ages
  • We love this toy for your 'brainiac' nieces and nephews. You might get addicted too, Auntie.