Matchbox Smokey the Fire Truck

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  • MATCHBOX® SMOKEY® The Fire Truck is here, reporting for duty! Joining Rocky The Robot Truck™ and Stinky™ the Garbage Truck is Smokey® the Fire Truck! Smokey® is a freewheeling friend with a huge cannon kids can manipulate and shoot! Smokey® lets his friends know when he's thirsty, prompting kids to load up his cannon with balls that represent water. Smokey® provides hours of open-ended play with his lights and sounds and levers that kids can manipulate. He even sings and dances! Kids will be blazing a trail to fun with their newest friend as they help Smokey® put out the fire!
  • Our 2009 Savvy Auntie Coolest Toy Award winner was a friend of Smokey's - Rocky the Robot Truck.

    These little buddies are so much fun for boys who love interactive trucks! Lots of laughs coming your nephew's way!