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  • How sweet it is! Jewelry-making with Model Magic Jewelry Mock Candy!

    Two favorites of young girls - jewelry and candy! As fun for tween girls, you can't go wrong!

    Add this fun set to your Model Magic Jewelry Studio with bead spinner - sold separately. Then you can spin lovely marbled beads and baubles that look like delicious candy treats.

    Fanciful confectionery wonders - bracelets, earrings, and pendants are tasteful treats to wear - and true delights to share.

    For Use with Model Magic Jewelry Studio (sold separately)

    Jewelry Boutique Model Magic Jewelry Set Mock Candy
    Handmade is the best kind of sweet gift for family & friends
    Create fanciful confectionery- bracelets, earrings, and pendants
    Tasteful, vibrant candy treat jewelry
    Model Magic air dries, won't crumble
    3 packs of Model Magic each 1.5 oz
    60 inch cord
    Shape cutter
    2 Toggle sets
    9 Gems
    2 Earrings
    2 Pendant charms
    5 Bracelet charms
  • Your nieces are always ogling your jewelry, Auntie? Well now they can make their own, at a fraction of the price...partly because you bought them this playset, by Crayola!