Animal Planet Air Swimmers eXtreme Radio Control Giant Flying Sha...

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  • The Remote Control Air Swimmers Flying Shark comes complete with everything you need to fly it, except for Helium. You will need to fill the Air Swimmers with Helium before it will fly. There are 2 options for obtaining this Helium either buy a helium canister and fill up the Air Swimmers in your own home or take the Air Swimmers to a Helium supplier (party shops, florists). In the box there is a tether that can be used to take the Air Swimmers foil back after it is filled up with Helium. Do this before adding the electronics and fins. This item is not for use at altitudes over 4,000 feet.

    Air Swimmers Extreme is exclusive to Toys 'R Us. This model is Radio Control and not to be confused with the IR version of Air Swimmers. Radio Control allows for approximately 50% longer range flying and unlike the basic IR version will still operate even without line of site!

    The Air Swimmers Shark features:

        Giant blow-up fish (57inches long and 36 inches tall)
        Fish uses 1 x AAA battery (included)
        Radio Control Transmitter uses 1 x 9 volt battery(included)
        Full instructions for use

    The most amazing radio-controlled product ever made! Fly the Giant Sized Shark around your house or work place and see people's reactions! Simple to fly the RC controller enables you to make the Shark move left, right, and forward with ease. Incredibly maneuverable the fish is able to turn in very small spaces, so can easily swim around your house or office. A crash is no problem. Unlike other flying RC products the Shark just bounces off walls and other objects without damage.
  • Wow this shark is pretty cool! It looks like it's swimming - in air! You need a big space for this fella with no expensive lamps he can knock down so be sure to ask if this gift is indeed a savvy gift for your nephew's or niece's home. But if it's all clear, then Auntie enjoy! This might be one of the fiercest gifts you ever give them.