Cubu Game

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  • Inspired by the geometric figures of modern art, this clever game will have you discovering patterns within intricately arranged series of colorful rectangles. Played over several rounds, the players' goal is to get rid of their cards by arranging them into series. They pick out a color, and lay out cards where the shapes in that color move in sequence through the jumble. Designed for 2 to 6 players age 8 and up, it is simple enough for children to learn but offers plenty of challenge for adult players. Comes with easy to follow, illustrated instructions. It's a game of strategy and luck that will sharpen your observational skills while whetting your will to win. Made in China.

    Item ID: 21733
    Age Recommendation: Ages 8 to Adult
    Materials: card stock, ink
    5" L x 5" W x 1.5" H

  • The Cubu Game is challenging enough for 8 year old nieces and nephews to enjoy, while keeping Auntie on her toes as you play along!