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  • Conquers Multiple Tough Terrains
    No mission is too ambitious, no terrain is too tough for the Hot Wheels RC Terrain Twister! This big, rugged RC vehicle features a sleek design with bold colors and is engineered to conquer almost any terrain, including dirt, sand, grass, and water — it even shreds through snow! With boys in control of the RC device, the Terrain Twister is ready to speed away on exciting adventures — indoors and out.

    Exclusive "Power Screw" Technology
    Typical tires won't do! The Terrain Twister is equipped with pontoons sporting corkscrew-shaped threads instead of wheels, so this vehicle can handle tricky terrains. Snow? The Terrain Twister stays cool. Grass? This vehicle doesn't fear stains. Dirt? It rolls right off the car's back. Water? The Terrain Twister make waves!

    Easy Remote-Control Operation
    The RC controller puts kids in the driver's seat. The simple-to-use device has two buttons that can direct the Terrain Twister forward, backward, or side-to-side in a stealthy motion unique to the pontoon threads. For extra convenience, the vehicle uses an included rechargeable battery pack for hours and hours of high-powered play!

    What's in the Box?
    Vehicle comes with RC controller and flex-pack battery with charger.
    Vehicle handles difficult terrains, making for endless challenging adventures
    Equipped with pontoons designed with corkscrew-shaped threads
    Full-function RC controller is easy to use, even for small hands
    Puts kids in charge of all the action and excitement
    Also available in green (sold separately)
  • The Hot Wheels RC Terrain Twister is one of the best R/C cars ever made because it can keep going over water and rough terrain! How cool is that?!