Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game

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  • Number of Players: 2 or more

    You’re invited to a cupcake party with all your favorite princesses! Work together to make as many cupcakes as you can before it’s time for the party. Follow the recipe cards to pick the perfect fancy liner, frosting, and topper. Each cupcake creation is fit for a princess in this sweet game of matching and sharing.

    · Physical dexterity
    · Creative expression
    · Turn-taking and playing together

    Product Contents
    · 10 Enchanted Cupcakes
    · 30 Cupcake Cards
    · 10 Tiles
    · 1 Sand Timer
    · 1 Rules Manual

    For Ages: 3+
  • Is your niece a Disney Princess wanna-be? Well who could blame her with all that access to fancy treats like royal cupcakes, right?! Well leave it to Wonder Forge to create a learning game that involves all the things your little princess loves, while promoting physical dexterity and creative expression - not to mention sharing and taking turns. A princess has to take her turn? Well now isn't that a lesson waiting to learned too, Auntie.