Furby Party Rocker - Twitby

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  •  Funky, wild and ready to shake things up, the Furby Party Rockers friends are lively companions for any Furby creature.

    Rock these colorful playthings back and forth to put the Furby Party Rockers creatures in party mode.

    Be careful, because the more you rock them, the wilder they get!
    Furby Party Rockers creatures react to other Furby Party Rockers and to Furby by chatting or singing together.
    They also respond to the free Furby app, available for iOS and Android devices. (Check Furby.com for device compatibility.)
    With an already-formed personality, this Furby Party Rockers creature reacts to how you treat it. Isn’t this the sweetest, most adorable creature?

    For even more Furby fun, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the free Furby app for your iPad®, iPod® Touch, iPhone® or Android® device.
  • Riding on the success of the reintroduction of Furby in 2012, Furby Party Rockers have joined the Furby party!