Tiptoe Joe

Content Rating

  • Kids will love watching Tiptoe Joe lead a group of his animal friends on an adventure. Joe instructs his buddies to be as quiet as possible. They tiptoe—as well as they can on their hooves, claws, and furry feet—through a field, across a fallen log leading over a stream, through the woods, and up a hill. When they arrive at Joe’s, he shows them something very special. It’s his brand-new baby bear cubs, fast asleep!
    Tiptoe Joe is a great pick for parents who want to acclimate a child to a new baby brother or sister, and perfect for bedtime or story hour.
    Charming full-color illustrations by Laura Rankin bring Tiptoe Joe and the rest of the animals to life.
  • No need to tiptoe around it. Tiptoe Joe is a fabulous read for any small child, especially one expected a new baby brother, sister or cousin. While picture books are normally designed for children ages 4-8, we found a 2 year old little girls loving the big illustrations and large type.