HEXBUG Nano V2 Black Hole

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  • This new breed of gravity defying Nano V2 bugs can now climb up vertically, horizontally, around corners, through loops and tubes, to the tip top of any Nano V2 habitat set.

    The Black Hole enables Nano V2 super-fans to customize the design and layout of the three-story set, unleashing kids’ creativity.

    HEXBUG Nano V2 is compliant with CPSIA standards.
    Approved for children ages 3 and up.

        Customize the design and layout of the three-level expansive set
        Features a spiral tube accessory for the Nano V2 to climb through as it explores its environment
        Includes a crow’s nest for a more expansive view from the tallest point of the set
        Nano V2 can free fall from one of the tubes through the black funnel, emerging out of one of three exits
        Control the flow of traffic by filling the attachment points on the two HEX cell bases with accessories such as fixed pegs and rotating flags
            2 Nano V2 bugs
            1 spiral tube
            1 crow’s nest
            1 funnel
            2 straight tubes
            9 curved tubes
            3 curved Y tubes
            20 connectors
            6 stand-offs
            2 HEX cell bases plus removable walls & gates
            4 curved tracks
            8 fixed pegs
            4 rotating flags
        One button cell battery AG13 (LR44) is included with each bug
  • We've been Hexbug fans for years, and now even more so. These fascinating creeper crawlers can now crawl up vertically! Innovation First keeps innovating, staying true to its name and reputation.