Zylie and Friends Bear

Content Rating

  • Adventure
    We think all play should inspire children to DO something. With Zylie, that something is ADVENTURE. Through Zylie's stories, we introduce children to new cultures, new animals, history, language and geography. But most importantly, we give them the tools to create their own adventures in their imaginations!

    Zylie is not your average doll. She doesn't drive her pink sports car home to her pink house. She's an explorer. But she still manages to have a keen eye for fashion along the way! Each Zylie outfit (and each outfit for her friends) is inspired by the destination the characters travel to. And there are always more outfits on the way!

    We pride ourselves on creating physical products, outfits, accessories and stories with long-lasting craftsmanship and timeless style. Each outfit is thoughtfully picked for its character. Each story is written and illustrated to spark kids' imaginations. And each plush character is designed with snuggling in mind!

  • Zylie and her friend, a panda named Shen, are not only adorable plush bears, they have a life full of adventure and wanderlust, together and separately. We also love that nieces and nephews can exchange Zylie and Shen's fashions with their other 18" dolls.