Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow and Arrow

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  • Who says you can't be a heartbreaker with fiercely accurate aim? Arm yourself with the stylish power of the Heartbreaker Bow blaster! Pull to launch your 4 collectible darts at targets up to 75 feet away with real bow action. Adjust the sight to make your aim even sharper. You can attach more gear to the blaster's accessory rail (accessories sold separately). You can team up with a friend or go it alone, but either way you're armed for action. Make your mark with the Heartbreaker Bow blaster!
  • Whether your niece is a big Hunger Games fan, or simply wants to earn her stripes at Nerf-style archery, the Nerf Rebelle line, specifically the Heartbreaker Bow and Arrow is the perfect gift.