Shopkins™ Small Mart

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  • Go on a Shopkins™ spree and shop till you drop with the Shopkins™ Small Mart! Whether sliding their groceries down the delivery chute or heading to the check out at the conveyer belt register, there’s always work to be done and fun to be had at the Small Mart. Includes one shopping trolley, two exclusive characters and a collector’s guide. Create the ultimate Shopkins world with the Small Mart playset!

    - 2 x Exclusive Shopkins
    - Build your Shopkins World!
    - Play with & display your Shopkins characters on the playset!
    - Track your collection with the Collector's Guide.

  • Grocery shopping will never be the same - or cuter! We're a little envious that our nieces and nephews get to play with food this way! One of the sleeper toys of 2014!