Leapfrog LeapTV

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  • Educational, Active Video Gaming System
    Get minds & bodies moving! Gaming just got smarter with the easy-to-play video gaming system that sets learning in motion.

    Learn through motion
    Get kids jumping, dancing and more as they learn core skills across reading, mathematics, science and problem solving.

    Grows with your child
    Games adapt the learning to your child starting with age, then auto-adjust the level for just the right challenge.**

    100+ games & videos*
    With a library of educator-approved† cartridge games, game downloads and videos, kids will never run out of fun!

    Made for young kids
    With audio instructions for kids who don't yet read and a controller made for small hands, even the youngest can play.

  • Leapfrog really got us jumping up and down when we saw the release of Leapfrog LeapTV at their press event earlier this year. Do you remember when you were small, you wondered how people get on TV? Well now, your nieces and nephews can watch themselves on TV! All this while learning and moving!