Max Tow Truck

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  • Max Tow Truck is one of the most powerful toy trucks to hit the market. He can pull and push up to 200 pounds and climb over just about any obstacle! Load him up and watch him go! Max Tow Truck also includes 50+ phrases and sound effects!

    In the Max Tow Truck app, you can take him to the Construction Zone to play through 20 levels of fun! With its simple user interface kids can help Max clear the site, tow the heavy equipment and race to the finish line. And when the going gets really tough, shift to MAX POWER to help him push off the largest and heaviest obstacles.

    Augmented Reality Technology
    Using the augmented reality technology, you can drive a virtual Max Tow Truck around your very own room! Take a pic of him wherever you want, customize his color and rotate him to see him from every angle.

    But that’s not all: By using the back of the Max Tow Truck box or the printed poster, there’s a whole new way to play! Bring his world to life and play all your favorite levels in augmented reality!

    Game Features
    - Simple user interface – just point and Max drives.
    - Multiple types of courses to solve: Pushing, Racing, Searching and Towing.
    - Drive a virtual Max Tow Truck in your own room!
    - Take a picture of Max as if he was there and customizing his color.
    - Play in Augmented Reality!

  • Don't worry about that second slice of pecan pie, Auntie. Max Tow Truck can tow up to 200 pounds. Enjoy the holidays! Max to the rescue!