Kinetic Sand Sandbox and Molds

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  • Your child can have fun shaping this fun sand into just about anything with the Spin Master Kinetic Sand Box and Molds Set in the Purple style, which features four plastic molds and a sandbox tray for tons of creative fun. This wacky sand sticks together but doesn't get stuck on your child's hands and doesn't leave behind any residues. Your little one can feel the sand ooze and flow like a liquid through his or her fingers without drying out and create sandcastles without having to make a trip to the beach! Your child will let his or her imagination run wild with the fun molds and endless possibilities of kinetic sand.
    Product Highlights

        The sand oozes through fingers like a liquid without getting your child's hands wet for a fun, tactile experience
        Stimulate your little one's imagination as he or she creates fun shapes with the four plastic molds
        The sand won't dry out or get stuck on little hands
        Leaves no residue behind on surfaces
        Sand is made from 98% sand and 2% polymers for a long-lasting design that is also gluten-free

    What's Included

        1 lb. of kinetic sand
        Sandbox tray
        Four plastic molds

  • Kinetic Sand by Spin Master comes in many colors, so your niece and nephew can choose their own. You may want to choose one too, Auntie. Playing with this non-staining "sand" is kind of addictive. You may need some at your desk, too. Now you all can pretend your at the beach even when it's snowing outside.