VEX Robotics Spider by Hexbug

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  • The VEX Robotics Spider kit teaches kids that...
            Motors receive signals from the brain, spinning into action causing the head to rotate and the legs to cycle.
            The distance sensor reflects infrared light, which alerts the spider before it crashes into its surroundings.
            The LED module will change color with every turn of the spider’s head.
            The brain is the centralized computer that powers the spider, relaying signals from the remote control, and activating the motors and sensors to bring the spider to life!

    Three AA batteries are required in each Spider and one 9V battery is required in each remote. Batteries not included.

    The purpose behind VEX® Robotics is to introduce science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to kids at a young age! Robotics kits encourage children and teenagers to stretch their imaginations while creating a fully-functional and effective robot!
    Originally designed for the classroom, VEX® Robotics provides educators with the tools they need to teach the principles of STEM while maintaining an engaging and hands-on experience for their students. The VEX® model of incorporating competition into lessons and activities continues to challenge students on a level far beyond textbooks or lectures!
    VEX® Robotics competitions come in all shapes and sizes. They allow students to compete anywhere from regional to national, and all the way up to the world championship level! Each competition match encourages students to work together as a team to develop new skills, solve problems, and learn along the way!
    Over 10,000 teams compete annually in VEX® Robotics competitions, representing 28 different  countries from around the world!
    HEXBUG® and VEX® Robotics have teamed up to bring this educational building experience right to your home! Each of the construction sets allow your child to build their favorite HEXBUG® and wirelessly control its lifelike movement! Collect them all and see what you can create!

    The Spider includes 6 legs, IR distance sensor, LED module and interlocking gears. It walks forward or in reverse while avoiding obstacles, and changes directions by spinning its head 360°. There are 64 different programming variations to choose from. To program, simply flip a series of switches on the robot’s brain, allowing for quick experimentation with different modes to determine how it reacts when the sensors are activated.
  • These robotic bugs floored us when we discovered them earlier this year. Kids build these robots! Then they can rebuild them. And play with them! And learn STEM - Science Technology, Engineering and Math along the way. We love the spider, but there are other models to choose from!