Zuppies Roxy

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  • Now you can have your very own "just for me" puppy! Roxy is the funky, sweet and totally upbeat Zuppy made just for you. Her large puppy dog eyes light up and express exactly how she’s feeling. You can share secrets, play interactive games and watch as Roxy shares exclusive tricks with only you! The more you nurture and play with her, the happier she’ll be and the more she’ll share. Reward her with a good tummy scratch to let her know just how much you care. This tea-cup pup is your match made in heaven and even plays with Zoomer! Get even more Zuppy fun by bringing home Spot, Candy and Scarlet Zuppies! They each have their own puppy style and unique ways to play. Adopt your very own Roxy puppy and discover that no one knows you like your Zuppy!
  • Spin Master Zoomer was a Savvy Auntie Coolest Toy Award winner for 2013, so we weren't surprised to hear that Zoomer had some Zuppies. Roxy and her Zuppy siblings don't do as much as Zoomer can do, but at a more economical price, and size, she's a great gift idea for a little girl who wants a puppy of her own.