LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall (41058)

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  • You can join Stephanie and Emma for a girls' day out at the LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall. The mini figures can check out the sports shop and then take some pictures in the photo booth before having lunch at the pizzeria in the food court. After lunch, the figures can relax in the spa before strutting down the catwalk in beautiful dresses from the bridal boutique for a charity fashion show. The DJ spins the decks for the show, and Emma's dog, Lady, approves of the tunes! When the day is over, Stephanie and Emma can load up the opening trunk in their convertible and head back home. This 1,120-piece set is sure to provide plenty of imaginative play.

    Product Highlights
        Check out the sports store and take the girls' photos in the booth before they head to lunch in the food court
        Spa offers a massage before Stephanie and Emma pick out what outfits to wear in the fashion show
        DJ spins the decks as the mini figures get ready
        Emma and her dog, Lady, walk down the runway to help raise money for jungle animal rescues
        Convertible features a trunk that opens to store the day's purchases
        Rearrange the stores in the mall around the revolving lobby door
        1,120-piece set provides plenty of LEGO fun

    What's Included

        Photo booth
        Food court
        Mall lobby
        Sports shop with checkout counter
        Bridal shop
        Spa with nail polish bar
        Convertible car with opening trunk
        Italian pizza stand with an oven
        Fast food outlet
        Water bottle
        Sauce bottle
        Bill and coin
        Two mannequins
        Two basketballs
        Tennis racquet
        Swimming fins
        Hair product
        Manicure stand
        Nail polish bar
        Pedicure chair
        Flower bouquet
        Two palm trees
        Flower pots
        Mall map and leaflet
        Heartlake City Mall sign
        Revolving catwalk
        DJ mixing table
        Two loudspeakers
        Three jungle animal rescue boards
        Stephanie mini figure
        Emma mini figure with her dog, Lady
        Sophie mini figure
        Julian (DJ) mini figure

  • Well, this will keep her busy. Sure, it's a pricier gift, but think of all the money you'll be saving not taking her to the actual mall because she is enjoying building and playing in her own mall! Plus, it's so big - 1,120 pieces! - it can be a sibling-share gift.