Girls Scouts Cookie Oven

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    What It Is
    The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven is a real-working mini oven that allows kids to bake their own Girl Scouts cookies. It comes with a chocolate flavored cookie mix packet, and a mint chocolate flavored coating packet to make one recipe of Thin Mints, which is about six cookies. Additional cookie flavors are sold separately. It also comes with a double-sided spatula, baking pan, “The Perfect Cookie” measuring tool, and instructions, which are easy to follow. In addition to baking, the oven features an internal cooling chamber, and a warming station, which is used in various parts of the recipe. There’s also a viewing window that lets bakers see the treats they’re making along the way.

    Is It Fun?
    Who doesn't love Girl Scouts cookies?! The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven lets Girl Scouts, and aspiring bakers experience the hands-on fun of making their own Girl Scout cookies. A real-working oven, it comes with most of the tools needed for the recipe, and a mix to create Thin Mints, one of the most popular Girl Scouts cookies. Additional mixes are sold separately for endless baking fun. Of all the cookies, we found the Thin Mints to be the best tasting. The instructions are easy to follow with pictures and cute phrases throughout, including safety tips. Because the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven has heating plates on the top and bottom, we found that the cookies bake more evenly than other products on the market.

    Who It’s For
    The oven is for kids ages 8 and up who enjoy baking, Girl Scouts cookies, or both. Since it is a working oven, adult supervision is required.

    What To Be Aware Of
    The oven is recommended for ages 8 and up, and since there’s actual baking involved, there should always be an adult supervising. The oven requires standard electric power.

    Some common kitchen items are needed but not included in the package such as baking spray, a spoon, butter knife or plastic knife, small mixing bowl, wax paper, a plate, a cup and water, a timer, an oven mitt, and a refrigerator. Like all recipes, the baker should read the instructions all the way through before starting. Baking the Thin Mints took us about 35 minutes from start to finish.

    After adding water to the Chocolate mix from the Thin Mints package, it seemed like more water was needed but it was not. Trust the instructions!

    When following a recipe, try to make all the cookies the same size, and do not make them higher than the sides of the baking pan.

    The Thin Mints are smaller and look different than regular Thin Mints but we thought they tasted great.

    Turn the switch to off, unplug the oven, and allow all the parts to cool off before cleaning. When it is time to clean, never submerge the oven in water or run the sink over it.

    Additional cookie flavors are sold separately to bake in the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven including Trefoils, Chocolate PB, PB Sandwich, and Caramel Coconut. While the Girl Scout cookie recipes are still top secret, most of these cookies were similar in taste to the cookies they are based on.

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  • We all remember the little toy ovens we or our friends had when we were kids. And now comes Girls Scouts Cookie Oven, combining one of the most classic play patterns with one of the most classic cookie eating patterns! Great for the Girl Scout or the Girl Scout Cookie lover alike!