Go Go Smart Wheels RC Speedway

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    What It Is
    The Go Go Smart Wheels Ultimate R/C Speedway is an enormous track set designed for kids ages 12 months and up. The set is more than 5 feet long and three-and-a-half feet wide in one configuration. (You can change the 13.5 feet of track around however you like, which is part of the play.), and it's packed with all kinds of great activities that will keep preschoolers engaged, playing and exploring for hours.

    The entire initial set up took us just under an hour, but that includes assembling the different units and affixing the labels. But, once that's done by an adult, the pieces are really easy to move around and configure. Taking this apart to store--because it really is big--and putting it back together again is fast and easy.

    But let's get to the play. The track has 9 Smart Point locations. These are a terrific part of all the Go Go Smart Wheels toys. When the car drives over them, the activate lights, sounds and music in the car. There are also two modes of play--standard and R/C. In standard mode, the freewheeling cars can be pushed around the track. This is also great if kids want to incorporate other of their Go Go Smart Wheels cars, or even their Go Go Smart Animals characters, all of which work with this set. (You can even add on track from other sets if you want to make this truly ENORMOUS!)

    Kids can also activate various features such as the turning gears, twisting trophy cup, flipping flag, pit stop gas pump and more.

    The set comes with one R/C Smart Point racer. The R/C controller has simple forward and backward buttons and a nice round shape that fits easily into small hands. The smart points activate the car as well as kids drive over them. Pull into the pit stop and activate the gears. Drive through the starting line to watch the flag flap back and forth. The Stunt Zone lets the car tip the track to continue on the race, and the elevator is actually operated by the car when it pulls in. Additional Smart Point Racers are sold separately, and you can have up to three racers running independently on the track.
    Is It Fun?

    This is easy for even the youngest kids to use, and there are many options with reconfiguring the track and creating all kinds of different layouts.

    The round R/C controller fits easily into small hands, and it's simple to operate, which makes play very satisfying.

    The Smart Points bring the set alive in a great way, and the different things that the car activates will seem "magical" and keep kids playing.

    Developmentally, this is completely age appropriate both for developing hand-eye coordination and discovering different physical properties such as speed and cause-and-effect.

    But probably the most fun of this for the youngest kids is that they can operate it all by themselves.
    Who It’s For

    The Go Go Smart Wheels Ultimate R/C Speedway is recommended for kids ages 1-5. Younger kids may need some help configuring the tracks, if they want to change it around. The set may be a little juvenile for a 5-year-old if it's bought new, but younger kids will likely play with it for a long time, particularly as they become able to reconfigure the tracks by themselves.
    What To Be Aware Of

    The controller takes 3 AAA batteries, and the race car takes 2 AAA batteries.

    The set works with all other Go Go Smart Wheels tracks and vehicles, though only the Smart Point racers work with the remote control.

    This is a big set that requires plenty of floor space to play. Though, of course, that's one of the things kids will love about it.

    With a suggested retail price of $59, this is an outstanding value.

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  • There is so much fun packed into this gift - and Auntie or others can keep adding more to the system so it grows and grows - as does the fun!