Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 Droid

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    What It Is
    Yes, there's a droid that's even cuter than R2-D2...if you can believe that. BB8 form Sphero is featured in Star Wars The Force Awakens. BB8 is Poe Deameron's Astro Mech Droid, and Sphero has done an amazing job bringing him to live by adapting their super popular Sphero robot to look like the droid.

    Built on the Sphero system, BB8 looks exactly as he does in the movie. (Well, at least as far as we can tell from trailers and photos.) BB8 is a basic ball, like the original Sphero, but he has a top unit that’s attached electromagnetically and moves in concert with BB-8 when he's controlled by the user.

    BB-8 controlled by an app that connects by Bluetooth to any iOS or Android device that can run the app. It currently has three modes--drive, patrol and message. In drive mode, you control BB-8's movements with an on-screen virtual joystick. You can also have it execute pre-programmed moves and express emotions, agree or disagree with something you say and move fluidly in all directions. In patrol mode, BB-8 moves randomly and reports back what it finds, such as "lifeform encountered" if it runs into someone's ankle...or the cat. In message mode, you can record holographic messages that can then be played on the app.

    BB-8 comes with the unit, a charging base, USB charging cable and directions. He arrives with a 50 percent charge, and a full charge takes about 3 hours and gives about an hour of continuous play.

    Is It Fun?
    Well, first and foremost if you like Sphero and Star Wars, this is a natural. If you know Sphero, you’ll be impressed by the technology that is more elegant and easy to use than ever before. Driving is very easy, and there isn't much or a learning curve.

    We were playing and having a blast with it within 5 minutes of opening the box.

    Who It’s For
    This is recommended for Star Wars fans ages 13 and up. Fans of Sphero will get a kick out of this, as well, and the top unit that moves independently is really cool.

    What To Be Aware Of
    Connection to the app via Bluetooth is seamless.

    Charging takes about 3 hours for one hour of continuous operation. This is an investment, with a suggested retail price of about $150, but for star wars and robotics fans it may be very much worth it.

    Sphero has promised software upgrades and the addition of  more content over time, which will give this longer-term value for the serious player.

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  • Right out of the box, this Star Wars was one of the most coveted Star Wars toys!