Imaginex Ultra T-Rex

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    Overall Editor's Rating: 4.5 Stars

    What It Is
    The Imaginext Ultra T-Rex is a dramatic toy that looks like a huge T-Rex skeleton. But it's really a completely awesome playset that includes all kinds of features to inspire creative play. Inside the skeleton is a three-level fortress. There are lights and sounds, and like most Imaginext toys, it has Power Pads that bring the toy to life. Kids can place the figures in thee Power Pads to activate, or use just their hands. (This versatility is great for kids whose fine motor skills are still developing.

    Turn the Power Pad behind the tail, and the T-Rex starts walking. Turn the Power Pad behind his hip, and the T-Rex rears up to his full two-and-a-half foot height and activates the lights and sounds. Turn the Power Pad on his head, and you'll open and close his massive jaws and fire projectiles.

    There are also boulder cannons, making this one fearsome (but oddly friendly) looking beast. Other features include trap doors, ladders and three Imaginext figures.

    Is It Fun?
    This is all about open-ended, narrative based play with an emphasis on power and conflict. Kids, especially young preschoolers, love feeling heroic and powerful as they play, and all the different elements and features are easy for small hands to use and provide lots of inspiration for play.

    The big size is definitely a plus for this, but one of the things that we think is really appealing is that while this is a big T-Rex, it's really kid friendly, which makes it particularly appropriate for kids who are fascinated by dinosaurs but may still be scared by movies and toys that are generally intended for older children.

    This is a preschool interpretation of a dinosaur that puts the child and his or her imagination in control.

    Who It’s For
    The Imaginext Ultra T-Rex is for ages 3 and up. The play pattern of power and conflict typically appeals more to boys than girls, but all kids are different, and there is a lot here to inspire creative play that's unique to every kid.
    What To Be Aware Of

    The Imaginext Ultra T-Rex needs 4 AA batteries, which are not included. Some assembly by a parent is required.

    When assembling, pay particular attention to snapping in the feet and the mechanism for walking. While the directions are very clear, it took us a couple of tries to get it exactly right. This does need to be pressed into place quite firmly.

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  • Dinosaurs have made it big this year and the Fischer-Price Imaginex Ultra T-REx is about as big as they come! Roar!