Marvel Avengers Remote Control Hulk Smash XPV

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    Overall Editor's Rating: 5 Stars

    What It Is
    The Marvel Avengers XPV Remote Control Hulk Smash lets kids control the smashing and bashing Hulk action. The vehicle features The Incredible Hulk riding on top, and kids use the joystick on the remote control to send Hulk forward, spinning, and flipping. Hulk even smashes his fists down, flips himself upside down, and then rights himself as he continues along. There's also a big red button to press for even longer spinning action. The Hulk's arms can also be positioned in eight ways for different moves.

    Is It Fun?
    Overall, this R/C toy is a lot of fun and a great R/C item that young kids and older kids who like The Incredible Hulk and the Avengers will enjoy playing with.

    Who It’s For
    The Marvel Avengers XPV Remote Control Hulk Smash is for Marvel and The Incredible Hulk fans ages 4 and up.

    What To Be Aware Of
    This toy requires eight AA batteries.

    You do have to follow the instructions when using this toy. If you want the Hulk to go forward at a low speed, just push the joystick forward halfway. If you push it all the way, Hulk will go at a faster speed and his fist-smashing action will be activated

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  • Combine remote control with one of their favorite superheroes and you get the Marvel Avengers Remote Control Hulk Smash XPV! For your little monster superhero!