Club Petz Lucy Puppy Dog

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    Overall Editor's Rating: 5 Stars

    What It Is
    The Club Petz Lucy from Just Play is an interactive, voice-activated stuffed puppy. To start interacting with Lucy, press the trigger in Lucy’s ear and she’ll bark. State her name and she’ll bark twice. Repeat and she’ll bark twice again. Then, one last time and she’ll bark once. This is how you know she’s ready and engaged for play. From that point on, always start a command by stating her name first. Wait for her to bark in response to her name and then state the command. There are 15 different voice commands, such as Bark, Sit, Dance, and Give Me a Kiss. There are two additional non-voice-activated triggers on Lucy she’ll respond to through touch: her nose and her upper back.

    Is It Fun?
    Lucy offers a fun alternative to kids begging for a real dog. We like how it teach kids a bit of responsibility in helping train Lucy with different commands.

    Who It’s For
    Club Petz Lucy from Just Play is for ages 3 and up. It will appeal most to kids who enjoy classic pet play and young wanna-be pet owners. Younger kids will need assistance setting up the toy for use.

    What To Be Aware Of
    While all the functions of Lucy are clearly presented in the included guide, a very essential direction to operating Lucy is written in much finer print on the next page. And that’s how to get Lucy started. Pay close attention to this, as it can easily be overlooked.

    Four AA batteries are required and they are included for demo purposes.

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  • The Just Play Club Petz Lucy Puppy Dog is one of the most adorable tech puppies we've ever met! When nieces and nephews want a real puppy, Lucy may be the best alternative.