Flying Fifi

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    What It Is

    Build some cuddly Peanuts friends with the Build-A-Bear Snoopy and Build-A-Bear Fifi stuffed animals. Snoopy wears a red dog collar with his name on it, while Fifi wears a purple bandana. Each is sold separately. These soft and cute toys, based on The Peanuts Movie, can be accessorized with different costume sets, which are sold separately.

    Snoopy’s Flying Ace costume includes a red scarf, a bomber jacket, and an aviator’s helmet with goggles. Fifi’s Flying Ace costume is similar but with a pink bomber jacket, a purple scarf, and a purple aviator’s helmet with goggles.

    Additional clothing for the stuffed animals includes the Snoopy Sleeper, a one-piece pajama set with an allover Snoopy-and-Woodstock print; and a Charlie Brown outfit that features a shirt and pants just like the ones worn by Charlie Brown.

    Is It Fun?

    These stuffed animals make great cuddle buddies for fans of The Peanuts Movie, and with all the different clothing options, kids can have fun dressing their stuffed animal and embarking on imaginative adventures.

    Who It’s For

    Build-A-Bear Fifi is for Peanuts fans of all ages.

    What To Be Aware Of

    These items are available exclusively at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores and online at

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  • The Peanuts Movie introduces a new character! Fifi is a love interest for Snoopy and kids are falling in love with her, too!