Playmation Marvel's Avengers Starter Pack

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    What It Is
    Advanced wearable tech meets classic play in Playmation, an exciting new play system that makes active, imaginative, narrative play super cool. Prepare to be blown away by the new Playmation from Disney. We're hard pressed even to call this a toy. It’s more like an electronic entertainment system combining wearable tech and connected toys. Yet even given the absolutely amazing electronics and interaction, the fundamental play is classic role play emphasizing power and conflict and casting the players as the heroes against almost impossible odds and, more often than not, emerging victorious. Rather than using wooden broadswords as they might have in the 16th century, today’s kids have Iron Man’s Repulsor gear, this powerful accessory that fits on the arm and is adjusted to fit. The set also comes with two power activators and two smart figures of Captain American and Iron Skull.

    Out of the box, you’ll need 12 double A batteries, four each for the Repulsor and the two power activators. Put the Repulsor Gear on your right hand, and adjust the knob so the fit is secure, but not overly tight. Power everything on. You’ll be walked through an initial set up and training including how to use the Repulsor Gear, how to attack and dodge incoming attacks and prevail in the never-ending battle against Ultron and his Ultron Bots. The Smart figures fit on the Power Activators and they can either play with you (as with the heores) or against you (with the villains). The Power Activator can also be used as a blaster so two kids can play together with only one starter set. 

    Once activated, the Repulsor Gear acts like Tony Stark’s A.I. guide, J.A.R.V.I.S. and sets the scene for the adventures. J.A.R.V.I.S. also trains kids how to dodge, block ,run, spar with heroes and battle with villains. We were extremely impressed by how responsive this was and all the technological wizardry. 

    But what really put this over the top for us was the play. Kids will easily be able to imagine themselves as a recruit to the Avengers team, and they’ll be consistently engaged as they open up new challenges and expand their systems with other figures and their missions through the AvengersNet App. The app is certainly one of the best we’ve seen from seamless connection to the toy to great features and content. Do you need it to play? No, and that’s a good thing, but it also creates rich, narrative based world for enhancing the play and the imagination. You will have to invest about 20 minutes  at the outset for all the content to download. It’s definitely worth it, as once updated, kids can move back and forth between app play and physical play. The app will also allow the missions to be expanded and added over time. 

    Playmation can be played indoors or outdoors. There’s a switch on the repulsor that allows you to adjust for outside light conditions.—just another indication of how well-thought-out this entire system is. 

    Playmation is launching with the Avengers series, which will largely appeal to boys, but Disney has announced that it will be creating content for other properties including Frozen, which should significantly expand its audience and the play. 

    Is It Fun?
    This is classic play re-imagined for the tech-savvy world. It's classic, narrative-based, imaginative play that allows kids to play as the heroes and imagine themselves in battles alongside their favorite Marvel Avengers characters.

    The immersive play experience is active and exciting for kids, and it can be played alone or with friends. 

    The app, while not required for all the play, adds new dimensions to the storylines and allows the toys to be enhanced as new content is released. 

    Who It’s For
    Playmation Avengers is designed for kids ages 6 years and up. It will appeal to kids who like active, imagination-driven play. Combining video gaming adventure play with active play and a rich story, this is great for a wide variety of kids. 

    What To Be Aware Of
    When you turn this on the first time, you will be walked through a set-up and calibration process. After that, the system remember what level you were playing.

    If you are playing outside or in a bright light situation, set the switch to the bright light setting.

    Playmation requires 12 AA batteries.

    The voice commands can be a little on the loud side, and there is no volume control. However, for active play and especially outside play, the volume is necessary

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  • We love toys that gets kids moving, and enjoying some creative play. Aunts will want to make sure kids have space to play with Playmation, so playrooms and backyards are a helpful asset.