Smart Toy Monkey or Bear from Fisher-Price

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    What It Is

    Take the classic teddy bear to the next level with Fisher-Price's Smart Toy. The Smart Toy bear combines a stuffed animal with technology to offer an interactive play and learning experience. Out of the box, the bear comes with a USB cable for charging, a yellow backpack for the bear to wear, and nine Smart Cards that the bear will read to activate specific activities. The USB cable and Smart Cards can be stored inside the backpack.

    Choose a card, hold it in front of the bear's nose (which is actually a camera), and when you hear the "ding", that means the bear has read the card and will begin the chosen activity. Kids can hear stories, go on adventures, listen to music, play games, draw, brush their teeth in a fun way, hear fun facts about things that happened on today's date, hear the time, and pretend to feed their bear a snack. Through all of these activities, the bear will ask kids questions and respond to their answers. The more your child talks and plays with Smart Toy, the more customized the play will become based on the child's preferences.

    Parents can download the free Smart Toy app to connect the bear to wifi (recommended but not required for play), adjust the bear's volume settings, and even trigger activities, including daily helpers such as bedtime mode and clean-up time. You can even use the app to name your bear and teach it the child's name.

    Is It Fun?

    The interactive play with this bear really inspires imaginative roleplay as well as creative and active play that will keep kids engaged for hours. (Or until Mom uses the app to trigger a break time.) The activities are varied and offer a different play experience each time. And in between activities, sometimes the bear does its own thing, like when our bear randomly started singing a song about bacon. So there's a lot to explore and uncover as kids play. And even with its built-in electronics, the Smart Toy is one soft bear, which makes cuddling up with the bear at naptime or bedtime just as much fun as at playtime.

    Who It’s For

    Smart Toy is a fun and interactive stuffed animal for ages 3-8.

    What To Be Aware Of

    Smart Toy runs on a rechargeable battery. Use the included USB cord to charge it, which will take between 2.5-five hours. It charges faster if plugged into a wall outlet with USB adapter, sold separately, than into a computer. From a full charge, you'll get about 3.5 hours of continuous play.

    The free Smart Toy parents app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Downloading the parents app is recommended because it will connect the toy to your home's wifi, update the time to your local time zone, and allow parents to trigger helpful activities, such as bedtime stories and teeth brushing. But the app and wifi are not required to use the toy. Connecting the device to wifi will also enable content updates.

    A monkey version of the Smart Toy is also available and sold separately.

    Additional card packs for more activities with your Smart Toy are sold separately.

    This product is available exclusively at Toys "R" Us.

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  • We've seen interactive bears for a few years now, but the Smart Toy Bear or Monkey from Fisher-Price is probably the smartest bear and monkey we've seen.