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    What is it? 

    Legendary Yoda from Spin Master is an amazing addition to the collection of toys from Star Wars and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Realistic Yoda figure looks just like the character in the movie, and is completely animatronic. Eight motors control movement of the face, arms and body as Yoda trains players to become Jedi knights.

    Set up is easy, and once turned on, Yoda has three modes--Force, Wisdom and Warrior. You control the mode by placing a prop in his hand. None for Force mode; his walking stick for Wisdom mode and his lightsaber for Warrior model. Yoda responds to a series of voice commands and responds with more than 115 phrases in a voice that sounds exactly like the character in the movie.

    In Force mode, Yoda will instruct you to use the Force to combat him by placing your hand in front of him. When you have mastered the Force, Yoda moves backwards a few inches, as if knocked back by your power.

    In Wisdom mode, Yoda shares his insights on the ways of the Jedi.

    In Warrior mode, he works with the light-up lightsaber and moves as he demonstrates his intricate lightsaber skills.

    Is It Fun?

    Legendary Yoda is truly amazing. The fluidity of the movement, responsiveness of the character and the sense of really interacting with Yoda. You might expect to find this level of realism in a theme park attraction but not in a toy you can take home. The advanced technology is the secret, of course, but the technology is invisible. Even the motors are quiet, which is a pretty amazing accomplishment in a toy like this.

    Even people who aren't rabid Star Wars fans (There may be a few.) will be impressed by this and want to try training with Yoda.

    Who It’s For

    Legendary Yoda is recommended for players ages 8 and up. This is definitely for the true Star Wars fan, as it's an investment. A lot of older fans will want to add Yoda to their collections and certainly it will be brought out often to, as they say, impress your friends.

    What To Be Aware Of

    Yoda takes 6 C batteries, which are not included.

    Because Yoda moves around a lot, particularly in Warrior Mode, it's highly recommended that you play with him on the floor, rather than on a table.

    When you are placing the Lightsaber or Walking Stick in Yoda's hand, pay particular attention to the connector. He will not switch modes unless it is firmly attached. It's very easy to do, but you'll want to see it fit in. You'll know if it's not attached as the prop will swing loosely when he waves his hands, and the lightsaber will not light up.

    When using the Force with Yoda, place your hand about 8 inches away from the sensors in the base. Very bright lights may make it hard for the sensors to "see" your hand.

    As amazing as this is, it is an investment, so you may want to consider the long-term play value after Yoda has run through his repertoire of phrases and movements several times.

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  • Want to WOW your Star Wars fan niece or nephew? Legendary Yoda by Spin Master is probably the way to do it. Just watch the video at TTPM.com and see just how amazing Yoda is.