Chocolate Pen by Skyrocket Toys

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    What It Is

    The Chocolate Pen from Skyrocket Toys is a battery-powered electronic pen that lets kids draw in chocolate. When powered on, the pen extrudes liquid chocolate to draw unique designs and fill three included trays of molds. The set comes with one pound of confectioners chocolate in four colors/flavors: milk chocolate, white chocolate, pink, and blue.

    To prep, dip the chocolate bags in hot water to heat up the chocolate for extruding. Place the bag inside the pen as instructed and twist on the pen’s tip to secure. Then, set the pen to the “On” position and press down the side button to start. It might take a few seconds for the chocolate to start extruding but the key is to go slow. Fill the molds or draw on wax paper for easy removal. Once hardened, you can just cut that part off. When using the molds it’s similar, take your time, and go slow. To use multiple colors in the molds, you’ll need to switch out the bags of chocolate in the pen. Once you’ve completed the designs to your liking, place them in the freezer to harden for at least five minutes. Once hardened, kids can use the included gift bags and twist ties to wrap their creations. 

    Is It Fun?

    We were impressed with the quality of the pen, the ease of the activity, and most importantly the end results. Who doesn’t dream of writing their name in chocolate? The pen is chunky and easy to manipulate. In comparison to even a standard confectioner’s bag for adult chocolatiers, we think the pen can offer more precision in filling the molds and drawing. Detailing your molds with multiple colors can take some practice but as with any activity, the more you do it, the better you get.

    The product also passed our taste test with flying colors.

    Who It’s For

    The Chocolate Pen from Skyrocket Toys is for ages 6 and up. While it’s going to appeal most to kids who enjoy food and creative play, we also think it’s well-made design will help it to skew older as well. Parents might find themselves reaching for this pen over their own confectioner’s bags for the next school bake-off.

    For those with allergies, however, it may not be suitable for ingestion. The chocolate contains milk and soy.

    What To Be Aware Of

    Some chocolates appear to have a better consistency to work with than others. For example, the milk chocolate came out too quickly or extruded too slow.

    Adult assistance is required to melt chocolate; extra hot water is required to melt the chocolate. Do not melt it in the microwave; the chocolate will burn.

    If your pen stops extruding chocolate, check the bag and dip back in water to reheat if needed.

    Once used, we suggest removing and cleaning out the tips from the bags before storing. Otherwise, the chocolate will harden inside the tip making the process a lot more difficult the second time around, i.e. you’ll need to use something sharp to punch out that chocolate.

    This activity may get messy, however the fun is well worth the mess so just make sure you have an area prepped to handle it. We also think the more kids use it the less mess it will make as their skills improve. 

    Two AA batteries are required and they are not include

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