VEX Robotics Construction Ambush Striker

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    What It Is

    The best learning toys make you forget you're learning, so while they're constructing the VEX Robotics Ambush Striker, kids will learn about scientific principles like linkages, reciprocal and projectile motion, but they'll wind up with a super cool motorized ball launcher that rotates 360 degrees and launches the 12 included balls in rapid-fire succession.

    Is It Fun?

    It's a lot of fun to build then play with this totally cool machine! Kids will enjoy getting an understanding of how it works while enjoying the ball-firing activity.

    Who It’s For

    Kids with an interest in construction, physics, machines or just cool battle toys will love the Ambush Striker.

    What To Be Aware Of

    It took our adult professional about an hour and a half to build and some of the pieces were a little tricky to assemble.

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  • VEX Robotics Construction Ambush Striker is part of a series of fantastic engineering toys by HexBug. We discovered this line at the International Toy Fair in New York back in February 2016, and gave a larger version a Savvy Auntie Coolest Toy Award - Toy Fair edition. This one is more budget-friendly and a great first step to see how a niece or nephew enjoys not only building it, but playing with it, too!