Crayola Emoji Marker Maker

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  • Kids can learn how colored stampers are made and create their own with the Crayola Emoji Maker. This set includes everything kids need to create 16 customizable emoji stampers. Mix and match colors to find the perfect shades for fun emoji stamps like winky faces, hearts, pizza slices, and more. Kids can create label stickers for each stamper and name the new colors whatever they like. This set also includes two customizable stamper boxes, keeping the emoji stampers organized and offering easy portability.

    Product Highlights

        Learn how stampers are made by creating your own
        16 fun emoji stamps to choose from
        Mix and match colors to create new hues
        Design your own stamper labels
        Customizable case for easy storage

    Included in the Box

        Components for 16 stampers (barrels, labels, cores, emoji nibs, caps, plugs)
        Mixing vial
        Base unit
        Stamper snapping tool
        3 ink bottles
        Color mixing guide
        2 customizable stamper cases

  • Tell your nieces and nephews how your really feel with this creative DIY set from Crayola! Emojis are the rage, and so kids ages 6 and up can share their emojis, even without a smartphone!