Lumi Gaming Drone by WowWee

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    What It Is

    What began as a successfully funded IndieGoGo campaign, the Lumi Gaming Drone is a really neat idea from WowWee. As opposed to traditional drones, the Lumi is controlled through the one-touch piloting power of an app. The only real game that comes built into the drone is Lumi to the Beat, which features both single and multiplayer options and the music you have on your smart device can also be integrated for play. There's also a beacon that attaches to devices so that the Lumi can follow you, although you want to give yourself space before engaging this feature. There's also other features and game variations you can play through the app, such as having the Lumi perform stunts (called "choreographies" in Lumi-speak). There's also an obstacle-avoidance feature where the Lumi detects things in front of, in back, or on its sides and tries to dodge them as it flies.

    Is It Fun?

    Almost like an airborne Guitar Hero, Lumi to the Beat requires you to move the drone by hitting the color buttons as the music plays. If you're going to play Lumi to the Beat, make sure you're wearing headphones so you can hear the music better--especially if you're flying the Lumi outdoors, which Lumi's maker, WowWee does not recommend. You can even program your own airshow as you make a combination of moves for Lumi to execute.Through the use of Bluetooth-activated intelligent pods (sold separately), owners can create a virtual obstacle course around the house for their Lumi.

    Who It’s For

    For ages 8-15, the Lumi Gaming Drone is a surefire flying hit for kids, teens, and families as well as drone lovers everywhere. The multiplayer elements of the Lumi will inspire social play, bonding, and a good reason to have guests over the house. All users of the Lumi will constantly be creating new stunts, obstacle courses, and interacting with their favorite songs as they fly this unique drone all over their home.

    What To Be Aware Of

    The Lumi and beacon work within a 13.5-foot range of each other. The Lumi is lightweight and is not designed to hold a camera or speakers, so if you want a drone to transport things, you may want to try other options. If you purchase the telemetry kit (also sold separately), you can keep track of measurements and variables your Lumi might encounter such as accelerometer, position data from beacon sense, battery levels, altitude, control system signals, and more. The drone is powered by an on-board rechargeable battery and the beacon run on two AA batteries, which are not included.

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  • The Lumi Gaming Drone is of the coolest drones of 2016 from WowWee, one of the fastest growing - and coolest - new tech toy companies!