Barbie Star Light Adventure Flying RC Hoverboard

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  • Take your imagination to new heights with the Barbie Star Light Adventure Flying RC Hoverboard. Help Barbie travel past brilliant stars and moving comets on her way through the galaxy to save the universe. This remote-controlled hoverboard brings the adventure seen in the space fantasy movie, Barbie Star Light Adventure, to your own backyard for a bit of high-flying fun. Take control of the action with the innovative remote control that features simple mechanisms and one-button maneuvers, making it easy to protect the galaxy.

    Product Highlights

    Four-propeller hoverboard launches or lands with just a press of the button

    Help Barbie avoid asteroids, comets and other celestial bodies with the 360° spin feature

    Hoverboard is designed with a sleek, black exterior and features colorful accents on the top and pink propeller blades

    Easily maneuver the flying toy with the remote control's joystick and simple press buttons

    Non-removable Barbie figure is suited up and ready to go in her signature pink jumpsuit, sculpted silver vest, blue utility belt and silvery boots

    Collect all of the dolls and accessories from Barbie Star Light Adventure for a complete set (additional dolls sold separately)
    Included USB cable lets you charge the device before the next mission

    Suitable for children ages 8 and up

    What's Included

    Barbie Star Light Adventure Flying RC Hoverboard
    Remote control
    USB cable
  • Barbie is going to new heights in 2016! The Barbie Star Light Adventure Flying RC Hoverboard is pretty cool - but we expect nothing less from Barbie.