Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Calin Ballerina

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  • From 18 months, Mon Premier Bebe Calin Ballerina is the ideal first doll for little mommies. Dressed in an all-in-one easy-on dance outfit, the doll can be posed, just like a real baby. A small 12 inch doll with flexible body, Mon Premier Bebe Calin Ballerina is perfect for first doll play. Her size is ideal to rock or cuddle in your child's arms. Her face, arms and legs are made of touchably soft vinyl. The doll is delicately vanilla scented, ready to make your child's doll hugs as sweet and memorable as you and your child's. With sleepy eyes, she sleeps when she's laid on her back. Doll cannot stand alone.

  • A baby ballerina for Auntie's little ballerina niece! Oh the tutu! Oh the ballet shoes! Oh the hair ribbon! Oh the love!