Soggy Doggy Game

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  • Who will get soaked first? Find out when you play Soggy Doggy, the showering, shaking, wet doggy game! Move your players around the board and take turns bathing this pup. But be careful! He loves to shake himself dry. If Soggy Doggy shakes all over you, wipe yourself off and head back to the start. The first one around the board wins! This anticipation-filled game of splishy splashy fun is great for kids and adults alike. So gather the family and get ready for a hilarious and exciting time with Soggy Doggy!

    Soggy Doggy is the action-packed, suspense-filled board game of bath time fun! Race around the board and take turns giving Soggy Doggy a bath; But watch out! He loves to shake himself dry! Get soaked and you're sent back to start; Make it around the bathtub and you win!

    - Board game for kids aged 4 and up; 2-4 players; Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)

    - Included: Soggy Doggy, Dog Frame, Bathtub, Game Board, 4 Game Pieces, 4 Tokens, 1 Die, Instructions

  • What better way to get those little nieces and nephews ready for bath time? After all, if this doggy is willing to get soggy, so will they be!