Nickelodeon Slime Light-Up Slime

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    What It Is

    Light up your slime play with the Nickelodeon Slime Light-Up Slime kit. It includes everything kids need to add flashing LED lights to glitter slime. All you need to do is protect your work surface with paper towels or newspaper, and grab some room temperature water. Then, follow the directions to mix the clear glue, water, glitter, and slime activator. Once your slime is created, push one of the two included LED lights into the center of the slime and watch as the slime lights up. When the light goes out, tap to reactive its glow.

    Is It Fun?

    As with all the Nickelodeon Slime kits, making the slime in this kit is very easy, which will be good news for kids who like making slime but who want to get to playing with the slime a little faster. Adding the LED lights is a fun component, although having a plastic ball in the middle of the slime is noticeable and does affect what you can do with the slime. The glitter slime on its own is really pretty, and we think kids will just like that, too.

    Who It’s For

    Nickelodeon Slime Light-Up Slime is for ages 6 and up, and will be a fun new slime kit for kids who like to make slime.

    What To Be Aware Of

    The kit comes with clear glue, slime activator, four bags of glitter, two LED lights, four cups with lids, a measuring cup, two mixing bowls, six slime sticks, a spoon, and instructions.

  • Slime is a big trend and kids just can't get enough of it! And Nickelodeon Slime Light-Up Slime is bound to light up your nieces' and nephews' faces when they open their gift to make their own!