Goo Goo Galaxy Dolls

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  • The Cutest Little Space Travelers You'll Ever Meet

    Say hello to the Goo Drops - they have come all the way from the Goo Goo Galaxy and have crash landed on Earth! There are 4 adorable Goo Drops looking for a new home - sweet and shy Astra Nommy, fun loving Luna Laguna, dreamy Yumi Unicorn and the super bright Stella Skygems! Who will you get and what star do they come from?

    The Goo Drops' squishy, jiggly bellies are filled with some of the galaxy that they have traveled from – just give them a squeeze to see their sparkling, glittery galaxy move about inside them! Meet Luna Laguna, the fun filled, water loving Goo Drop who loves making new friends!

    Unbox her Goo Pod to discover what she has brought with her from space – a DIY Galactic Slime Activity! The Goo-to-Go is an out of this world D.I.Y activity that you can mix, make and display! What color will it become and what does it mean?

    There are 4 super cute Goo Drops to discover, all with different glittery, squishy bellies and personalities! Find their passport inside their Goo Pod and learn more about them and the amazing galaxy they have traveled from. You'll discover - it's what's inside that counts!
  • From Moose Toys, the makers of Shopkins, comes the newest collectibles. We're pretty sure they adorable aliens filled with glittery goo in their bellies are going to be a huge hit! At a preview sale, FAO Schwarz in Manhattan, NY, sold out in just two hours!

    Available August 1, 2019