Hatchimals WOW Llalacorn 32 Inch Interactive with Re-Hatchable Eg...

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  • You’ve never hatched like this before! Hatchimals WOW is a larger than life adorable Llalacorn (part llama, part unicorn) and she can’t wait to meet you! Inside the largest and first-ever re-hatchable Hatchimals egg, hatch a pink or purple Llalacorn that can express her emotions through movement. She can magically grow up to 32-inches tall and shrink down on her own! With over 250 sounds and interactions, uncover the unique personality of your Hatchimals WOW as you play with her. Cuddle with her, feed her, play games or tickle her! When you’re ready to hatch again, place Llalacorn back in the egg and she’ll hatch in 1 of 10 moods. Bring home Hatchimals WOW and experience an exciting new way to hatch and play!

  • WOW! Hatchimals has done it again with Hatchimals WOW Llalacorn! After getting a sneak peek at this adorable Llalacorn - (you guessed it - part llama and part unicorn!) we were amazed at how tall this latest Hatchimal can grow! 32" inches! And the best part - other than its 250+ sounds and interactions? For the first time ever, this Hatchimal re-hatches - in 10 different moods!

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