Lucky Fortune Collectible Bracelets

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  • The future looks sweet with the all-new Lucky Fortune collectible bracelets from WowWee. Each package contains a fortune cookie shaped bracelet holder with a surprise Lucky Fortune charm bracelet and matching paper fortune. Crack it open to see what the future has in store for you! With Lucky Fortune, there are 4 levels of rarity: Lucky, Very Lucky, Very Very Lucky, and Ultra Lucky! Wear your bracelet—and your luck—on your sleeve, trade to collect them all, and even give the gift of luck to a friend who needs it most! It’s the perfect gift for you and your BFF’s! Lucky fortune is the perfect accessory to make your look a little luckier. You can even attach the fortune cookie to your backpack to show off to all of your friends! The more you have, the luckier you may feel! 100 bracelets to find, including the coveted Ultra Lucky real gold-dipped four-leaf clover. 5 different categories to collect including happiness, friendship, love, success, and adventure. Check the collector sheet to see what type of luck is in your future based on the charm you unveil. Turn your collector sheet into a fortune teller and see what the future has in store for you and your BFF’s! This assortment includes 4 cookies and 4 collectible bracelets. Collect them all! So go ahead... crack ’em, wear ’em, find your luck, and share ’em
  • A blind box collectable item your lucky nieces can wear and share with friends, sisters, and if you're lucky, their favorite aunt, too.