Barbie® Dreamplane

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  • Imaginations take off with the Barbie® dreamplane -- it opens to let young explorers play out the journey! Simply lift the top and open the side to reveal space for three dolls (the seats recline!), storage for the suitcase (included) and more than 15 storytelling pieces. Serve up fun with a dining cart and food pieces or catch some zzz's with an eye mask, headset and blanket. Doll not included.?
    • ?Imaginations can take off to anywhere in the Barbie® Dreamplane™ that doubles as a vehicle and a playset!
    • ?More than 15 pieces -- including a puppy travel companion -- provide the ticket to fun!
    • ?Push it on its rolling wheels to taxi on the runway.
    • ?Open the top and side to reveal the inside and create a play space to play out the flight!
    • ?There's a seat for the pilot and 2 more for passengers that have a TV screen and really recline, just like on a real plane (dolls sold separately).
    • ?Store the suitcase -- that opens and closes -- in the plane's overhead compartments that open and close, too!
    • ?Feed imagination and passengers with the snack cart -- it holds 2 trays, 2 meals, snacks and drinks!
    • ?Additional pieces provide details to help stories soar -- there's a magazine, 2 blankets, a travel bag, an eye mask and headphones.
    • ?Makes a great gift for kids, especially those who love travel, adventure and flying -- the sky is the limit because when a girl plays with Barbie®, she imagines everything she can become!
  • Give your niece the adventure of a lifetime with Barbie Dreamplane. Inspire your niece to travel the world and imagine the sights she'll see. Maybe she'll even come visit her Auntie!