Blume Petal Pets 2-Pack Collectible Pet and Charm Bracelet

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  • Blume pets are ready to be discovered!

    With Petal Pets, each colorful flower magically blumes to reveal a collectible charm bracelet and pet hiding inside! There are 12 pets in all to unbox, including kitties, puppies, dragons, lions, elephants, and even unicorns. Your Petal Pet’s outrageous hairstyle and unique charm design connect to a magical place within the World of Blume: Sea, Sky, Gem, Sweet, Flower and Fire

    Check your collector map to see what special power your new pet friend has! Charms can be worn two ways: as a fashion accessory or as a leash for your pet. Petal Pets are the perfect companions for your Blume dolls and Baby Pop babies (sold separately).

    2 Petal Pets and 12 charms in all to collect. Blind pack includes a surprise pet and charm, watering can, stickers and collector map. 2-Pack for twice the fun!
  • Blume is blooming again this holiday season - this time with Blume Petal Pets. And under $10 for TWO adorable pets plus a charm bracelet, little "nature" nurturers will have plenty of playtime experience!

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