A Potty for Me! By Karen Katz

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  • Mommy got me a brand new potty!
    But I'm not ready yet!
    I want to run and play.
    Uh-oh, I peed in my pants.
    But Mommy says, "That's okay!"
    Children will love following along and lifting the flaps to see the child play, sit on the potty, eat, sit on the potty, sleep, and then sit on the potty...until finally there is success.
    Written from a child's point of view, this new potty-training book will help children join in the final refrain, "I'm so proud of me!"
  • Aunties are not usually too involved in potty training, but little ones can use all encouragement they can get. Your toddler will surely be inspired to use the potty after being read this book. OK... we can't promise she'll be inspired. But hey, it can't hurt!