WEDGiTS Deluxe Set - 30 Piece Set

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  • A solid dose of Wedgits fun. Einsteins emerge and the creative possibilities expand. Amazing figures, sculptures, animals, vehicles, you name it. . .it's possible with the 30 pieces included in this set. Winner of over 7 awards for educational value, Wedgits invite complex thinking, experimentation, and construction. They refine spatial orientation, perceptual skills, dexterity, and the understanding of geometric concepts. Possibilities with these bright, primary colored, chunky plastic pieces are endless! The blocks of this manipulative toy wedge together so that children can find endless ways to build, balance, stack, lock, or nest them horizontally and vertically. Wedgits blocks appeal to all ages. No educational toy rivals the fun as the youngest artisan learns while building as high as possible & knocking them down in a noisy clatter. As your little genius grows, so do the creation possibilities with this unique toy. Use your imagination or the design booklet to form amazing structures & shapes. (Simple to Complex) Wedgits Deluxe Set includes 30 intriguing pieces. All Wedgits blocks are 100% compatible. Great Minds Are Built With Wedgits! Winner of over 7 Awards for Educational Value Inspire complex thinking, experimentation, & construction Refine spatial orientation, perceptual skills, dexterity, geometric understanding Offers Endless Possibilies 30 intriguing pieces All Wedgits are 100% compatible Included booklet inspires development of logic Ages 3-7 Note: If you are looking for an excellent Wedgits set to begin with, combine this set with the Wedgits Design Cards & the Wedgits Building Board.
  • Wedgits are fun, creative and developmental. Kids can sit and play for a long period of time, as long as Auntie doesn't take all the wedgits for her own creation. Trust us, you will.