Tinker Bell Blu-Ray

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  • Before joining Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, Tinker Bell and her fairy brethren were busy creating their own special magic in Pixie Hollow, where they go about the business of bringing rainbows to the sky, color to the flowers, and adding their fairy signature to other miracles of nature. Each fairy is gifted with a unique magical talent to contribute, but Tinker Bell (voiced by Mae Whitman) can't help but feel her talent ("tinkering") isn't as good as those of her fairy companions, and tries her best to change it. It takes a disaster and a lot of help from her friends to realize the magic of being true to oneself. ~ Tracie Cooper, All Movie Guide All Movie Guide

    Tinker Trainer - Hone your skills as a tinker fairy in this all new activity; Magical Guide to Pixie Hollow - Discover the ancient realm of fairies with Tinker Bell; Ever Wonder - Discover how fairies put the "wonder" in natural wonders; Creating Pixie Hollow - See how the filmmakers created this magical realm; All-New Music Video - Performed by Disney channel's Selena Gomez; Deleted scenes
  • For an extra special look at Tinker Bell, she's on Blu-Ray Disc!