Easy Going Green Flash Cards for Kids

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  • We all want to "Go Green" but many adults don't know where to start. Easy Going Green is an interactive deck of 52 flash cards created to help teachers and parents instruct children about respecting the environment. Designed with the young child in mind, Easy Going Green gives simple and practical steps that children and families can take to protect the environment. Each card contains:

        * Eye-catching environmental illustrations
        * age-appropriate poems on a variety of environmentally-friendly activities
        * Informative tips about how to make green changes at home

    The trees used to make the paper for this product came from sustainable forests.  This product was printed using vegetable-based inks and packaged in a reusuable muslin bag.
  • Well eco-Auntie, we thought this was the perfect gift idea for you! Help your niece or nephew- and the entire family - go Green while having fun! The illustrations are adorable, and we think the kids will have a great time choosing an Easy Going Green activity to do with you, their parents, or even on their own!

    A portion of all proceeds will go to help communities make green changes.